J EONGL I  is a group working on a new collage of old classic garments in the present era.  J EONGL I focuses on the durability and quality of the product itself.

We support services with practical and reliable clothes for a variety of people in each field.

'New-Citywear' Inspired by the city where the building forest and nature coexist today, we want to present a new life-style to people. We airlift garments from each inspiring city, process them, and manufacture them in our studios. 

We present our products by categorizing them in this way.

1. Collection 

2. Basic+


This is a collection line that we will show you in one story according to the season. We plan to cover each season with one content that is a little experimental and coherent. Please look forward to it from 001 until it is gradually filled! ex) 001 / 002 / .... 


We make basic items that can be basically worn anywhere, such as our work life, leisure life, cultural life, and rest time, in our own way. It will be planned to be available for purchase at any time, and if you need any points or technical additions, we will support 1:1 production service. Like customizing! (*In case of 1:1 order, the selling price may change according to customization.)

Founded by   JEONG LI  -  since 2019